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Affiliate Programs

Virtualis Systems
Sell Virtual servers with little or no work. 80% commission! Just make 1 link to a 19 page automatically created website. With email forwarding address! #1 by far!!!
AIS Dealer Programs
Link to many different products and refer other users. Gain residual income and get special deals.
This is an easy one! They give you an HTML code to put on your page. For every person that subscribes to their jokes of the day mailing list through your page, you get $0.05! $0.02 for downline subscriptions. And the kicker: It's FREE for ANYONE to join the list!!!

Glad You're Here!

What's the deal?

Here's the deal. You sign up for any or all programs on the left for the low satisfactory price of $0.00. Completely Free.

What are these programs?

These are affiliate programs. In most cases, you link to a specified webpage and help sell a product.

What do I get out of it? You get commissions for every product sold. The services listed have rather huge commissions (up to 80%). Check for yourself. Also, these programs allow you to refer other users to their program and you make a certain percentage of their commission also! Given a little time, and a little work, this could ad up to a lot of money! Don't forget, some services have residual income. This means that every month aclient you referred remains subscribed to the service, you recieve an additional commission. Wow!

What do you get out of it?

I am referring you to these site's free affiliate/dealer/associate program and I will recieve commission for sales you make. In addition to my own sales, this will motivate me to continue this site.

But which program should I join?

I won't make you join 500 programs and expect you to make any money. I only list the programs which are the easiest, most reputable, most money-paying companies. Check them all out and join one, two, or all if you want.

I don't care if you shut down this page or not!

Even if you don't support my service in any way, these programs are still wonderful business oppurtunities and you should try them.

What if I have other questions about the service?

Before or after you sign up for the service, feel free to contact the tech support of the company or feel free to ask me. I will do my best to answer your question and I may post your question on this page.

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I sure hope people signed up for these programs...