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Tripodring   Homepage

What is a webring?

Here is how to join the ring:

1) Go to the Site Submission Form.

2) Fill out form and submit your site.

3) Write down password and site ID #. (IMPORTANT)

4) Your site will be on the queue, aka the waiting list.

5) Add the html code which will be mailed to you.

6) Wait for the Ringmaster to add your site to the ring. (usually within a week)

Questions? E-mail me.

See also: index of sites. and WebRings I own. (if you can't join this ring because you don't belong, try another one, or even ask me to make a new one)

Your webring control panel will look like:

TripodRing ControlPanel

TripodRing HomePage

Do you want to join this ring?

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The HTML code you must put on your page will be mailed to you.

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